About Us

Trauma Recovery refers to the return to one’s former level of functioning through gradual, specific psychological healing processes.  The assistance of a trauma specialist can help speed recovery, whether at an individual, family, or organizational level.  A trauma specialist has broad understanding of the emotional, cognitive, physiological, social, and developmental effects of trauma.  A highly trained and specialized approach can guide the individual safely and more effectively through the recovery process.

Trauma Recovery Center is committed to a multidisciplinary approach to treating trauma effectively.  Research has shown that an approach which combines different treatment methods is the most effective.  The needs of post-trauma reaction may include:

  • Medical/physiological intervention
  • Relationship/family assistance
  • Stress management and coping strategies
  • Cognitive intervention
  • Work performance issues
  • Psychological healing and self-efficacy

Because trauma’s impact can be felt on many levels, comprehensive intervention can be tailored to specific or situational needs.